My Favourite Free Credit Card Choices for 2019

Now that the new year has begun and our wallets are starting to recover from the onslaught of Christmas, I have decided to write an article about a question I get almost every day: Which free credit card is the best?

All paid with miles and points. How? Read on.

Now, obviously this question has a lot of answers and depends on your spending habits, airline choices and so on but in this article I will explore your options for credit cards in 2019.

What do I use?

Personally, I have used all of American Express’ airline credit/charge cards out there apart from the top-of-the-range platinum card. As a university student, my biggest spends go on accommodation payments for my student halls which can luckily be paid using American Express cards. This is perfect for me as I am able to sign up for credit cards based on the timings of these payments to ensure that I hit the sign up bonuses most semesters. In my first semester I used my favourite charge card going at the moment which is the AMEX Gold Card. The payment of £1,600 enabled me to be only £400 off the sign up bonus. After three weeks I hit this bonus and was rewarded with a total of 22,000 Membership Rewards points which I recently transferred into Avios (British Airways Miles).

For my second semester I will be using the British Airways Premium Plus credit card to pay my rent. This will leave me £1,400 off the sign up bonus but seeing as I recently spent £1,000 on British Airways (netting me 3x points) I am only £400 away from the sign up bonus where I will rack up 26,000 Avios points.

That’s enough of my story but hopefully it shows you how easy it is to acquire large amounts of frequent flyer miles in a short space of time.

My Picks for 2019:

The Freebies

Being British, a love a bargain but there is one thing we all love more than a bargain and that is a freebie. There are currently two cards on the market that cater to this market and those are as follows.

1.  The American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card

The number one selling point of this card is that it is free. Not only will it not hurt your bank account but as mentioned above it will net you a wonderful 21,000 point sign up bonus (22,000 if you use my special link). For the full review of this card including how it can get you lounge access, hotel upgrades and more click here.

Photo: AMEX

2. The British Airways American Express Credit Card

The lesser of the two is also the more simple. Netting you only 5,000 avios (6,000 through my special link) it has the perk of being free forever unlike the gold card which will charge you £140 every year after your first year. This card has the simplicity of transferring your points to British Airways at the end of every month and is definitely a good start up card. What you could do is have the two running side-by-side to net yourself a 28,000 sign up bonus.

3. British Airways American Express Premium Plus Credit Card

While I suggest those two cards if you want a free card, another recommendation of mine is the premium BA card. This card carries a charge of £190 a year but what people don’t realise is that if you cancel your card after receiving your sign-up bonus, money will be returned to you based on how long you had the card for. This card carries a lovely 25,000 (26,000 using my link) sign-up bonus which again is directly moved over to British Airways. For more details and how you can use this card to travel 2-4-1 on British Airways click here.

Final Thought

The choices may not be perfect but in the UK that is all we get. My top choice for anyone out there is the Gold Card. I think the perks of this card are fantastic and being free makes it even more appealing. Good luck with your miles and points in 2018.