British Airways Gatwick Based 777 Fleet Getting the Facelift it Deserves

Just last week British Airways released images of brand new ten-across world traveler seating to be retrofitted onto Gatwick’s ageing 777 fleet, a programme said to be completed by summer 2019. Select 777s at Heathrow will also be fitted with the new world traveler seats from 2019. In late 2016 IAG stated that “25 777s will be converted to ten-across”. As we know 10 of these are based in Gatwick and it would be safe to assume that a further 10 from Heathrow will be fitted in the near future with ten-across seating.

The brand new world traveler seats will feature 10” IFE touch screens with gesture control based similar to a tablet. The seat also features six way headrests and moveable middle armrests, which the carrier states is good for families traveling with small children. Lucky passengers sitting in World Traveler Plus will also see an upgrade in IFE screen size but this time to 12”.  All seats will feature USB sockets with World Traveler Plus seats also gaining UK, US and EU plug sockets. BA also mentioned that there will be new ‘bespoke’ lighting fitted throughout the aircraft to reflect the time of day to lesser the effects of jet lag and ensure a smoother transition from day to night and vice versa.

6 Gatwick based aircraft’s are set to be fitted with the new seats in 2018 and four by Summer 2019. Note that on 3 class aircraft the WTP cabin will be doubled from 24 to 52 while the Club World cabin sees a decrease from 40 to 32 seats. On the 4 class 777s the World Traveler plus cabins will increase by 12 seats. World Traveler seats will increase on the 3 class 777s from 216 to 252 and on the 4 class 777s from 124-136. (Source Business Insider)

British Airways have confirmed the first routes to be served using the new cabins to be Punta Cana, Cancun and Kingston (from Gatwick).