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LondonSpotter has been a respected voice in the aviation industry since its founding by Raj Stevenson in 2016. What began as a blog sharing his travel experiences quickly began to grow into something Raj never expected.

Raj at the Airbus Factory in Toulouse

Today, LondonSpotter isn’t just the hub of Raj’s flight reviews but also where he shares his advise on UK miles and points schemes.

For the past few years, Raj has represented LondonSpotter at many big events and grown the brand through meeting with big names or being invited on elite events. In the upcoming years Raj looks forward to expanding LondonSpotter even more and just this year, launched LondonSpotter on YouTube.

Raj: CEO and Founder

Since the age of 11 or 12 Raj has had a fascination for airplanes but it wasn’t until he learnt more about the different types that he became really interested in them. At the age of 15 or 16, his interest became more orientated around flying and travel. Living in the South East of England puts Raj in close proximity to all of London’s airports so he could easily make his way to any of those airports for travel.

Raj papping Norwegian’s First Boeing 737MAX

At the age of 16, Raj flew onboard Air France’s new 787 aircraft purely because he wanted to fly a new plane. This trip (a birthday present from his mum and dad) kickstarted everything. He wrote up a small blog post to his then relatively tiny Instagram and was lucky enough to be contacted by Air France, thanking him for such a detailed write-up. For a little child this was an incredible feeling and it really showed that he had potential in this field.

Partying at Heathrow as Raj opened the new Heathrow – Tokyo Haneda route with Japan Airlines

Since then, Raj has been contacted by airlines and airports from around the world and loves reviewing different airlines while also broadcasting aviation news as and when it happens via the news section of LondonSpotter. As a result of also being a ‘journalist’ when it comes to aviation, Raj has been to some of the most noteworthy aviation events of recent times and met some of the biggest names in aviation including CEOs of some of the biggest airlines.

At the age of 18, Raj applied for his first ever airline credit card and to the surprise of everyone, was accepted! From that moment on, Raj has been learning all about transferring points, jumping on signup bonuses and flying the highlife for cheaper than he could ever have believed was possible.

Teleworking from his favourite office: Business Class

When Raj stepped onboard his Air France flight from London to Paris he had absolutely no idea what it would turn into. Now, he is running a website dedicated to detailed flight reviews, industry-leading news and is a renowned voice on all matters aviation.

The journey of starting up his own website while still being a schoolchild taught Raj of the need to balance his time well. One thing that really helped was finding twopeople who now publish under the LondonSpotter umbrella on a weekly basis and help share all things aviation.

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