Valentine’s Heartbreak: Airbus Kill off A380

After entering service 12 years ago with Singapore Airlines, Airbus has announced that it will be ending production of the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380.

This wingview will become a thing of the past

The decision comes after Emirates announced that it was cutting its A380 fleet size from 160 to 123. This fleet size cut means that Emirates will only be receiving 14 more planes over the next two years.

Emirates are not the only airline to announce bad plans for the A380, however. It was reported yesterday by Aviation Analyst Alex Macheras that Qatar Airways will begin scrapping their A380s on their tenth anniversary (2024).

Qatar Airways will scrap their A380s beginning in 2024

In older news, Malaysian Airlines have also scrapped their super-jumbos and replaced their final A380 route to London Heathrow with the smaller and more efficient Airbus A350.

The future of the Airbus A380 has been in doubt since it became clear that airlines were less interested in using large aircraft fit for 450+ passengers. More modern aircraft such as the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 boast better fuel efficiency which saves airlines huge amounts of money on longer flights and while scrapping most planes allows airlines to make money in the second-hand market, there is virtually no demand for second hand A380s as has been shown by the ex-Singapore jets which are still yet to be bought.

Flying Vietnam Airlines A350 last summer

For me this news is sad, as a young child the A380 was always my favourite aircraft. My first flight on the A380 was in 2015 when I flew from London to Dubai with Emirates. Flying such a large aircraft was incredible and since then I have flown the beast a handful of times.

If you want to watch my A380 flight from hell with China Southern then see below!