My Airline Credit Card Choices for 2020

When 2019 came around a year ago, I had just come off the back of a year filled with travel paid for by my hard earned money but there was one problem, I didn’t have much left and wanted to travel as much as I had done back in 2018. To cut a long story short, 2019 was a year of luxury for me. I flew First Class for the first, second and third time in my life, I flew to Australia via 6 different cities all in premium cabins and probably saved around £100,000 by doing it all on points.

So – if 2019 wasn’t your year, make 2020 your year to get started in the credit card game and start rewarding yourself with luxury travel.

What do I use?

As of last year, I had used all of AMEX’s cards apart from the top tier Platinum card. Now, I’ve ticked that one off too. As a student, I was able to use credit cards for student halls in 2018. In my first semester I used my favourite credit card going at the moment which is the AMEX Gold Card.The payment of £1,600 enabled me to be only £400 off the sign up bonus. After three weeks I hit this bonus and was rewarded with a total of 22,000 Membership Rewards points which I recently transferred into Avios (British Airways Miles). The sign up bonus is now smaller and you will receive 12,000 points but that is still enough for a European return trip.

For my second semester I used the British Airways Premium Plus credit card to pay my rent. This left me £1,400 off the sign up bonus and with a spend of £1,000 on British Airways (netting me 3x points) I was only £400 away from the sign up bonus which i ticked off through normal spend. I then netted a cool 26,000 Avios points.

My top picks and tips for 2020:

1.  The American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card

The number one selling point of this card is that it is free. Not only will it not hurt your bank account but as mentioned above it will net you a wonderful 10,000 point sign up bonus (12,000 if you use my special link). For the full review of this card including how it can get you lounge access, hotel upgrades and more click here.

2.  British Airways American Express Premium Plus Credit Card

This card carries a charge of £195 a year but what people don’t realise is that if you cancel your card after receiving your sign-up bonus, money will be returned to you based on how long you had the card for. This card carries a lovely 25,000 (26,000 using my link) sign-up bonus which again is directly moved over to British Airways. For more details and how you can use this card to travel 2-4-1 on British Airways click here.

3. American Express Platinum Card

The AMEX Platinum is the most elite card on this list and boasts an enormous sign up bonus of 25,000 points (30,000 if you use this link). The card has a yearly cost of £575 and offers complimentary lounge access, hotel upgrades and other perks which you can find in the full review here.

4. Curve Metal Card

While not exactly an airline credit card, the Curve card is a great card for travelers as unlike American Express cards, there is no fee for spending money abroad! This card also has an insurance package and lounge access and you can read my full review here.

Whatever card you go for in 2020, make sure you read over my Miles and Points page to become aware of how best to use your points this year!