Alitalia Lounge Review – New York JFK

When you fly on a Norwegian Premium ticket, lounge access at selected airports is included in the fare. Norwegian used to make use of Korean Air’s lounge in JFK’s Terminal One but switched to Alitalia’s lounge quite recently.



The lounges layout is basic and when looked at through a critical eye – boring. The lounge is filled with lines of sofas and coffee tables with one small work area in the corner of the room. While the layout may be a little poor, the view onto the taxiways and runways is great, especially during sunset! The decoration inside the lounge was, however, quite disappointing. One of the largest annoyances was the television. For the duration of my visit, it was booming an Italian cartoon show. Even after about 10 minutes this became extremely annoying.

The food offering was very disappointing with no hot food on offer and only a small selection of salads and sandwiches to choose from in the fridge alongside a tray of small cheese.The sandwiches tasted very dry and I ended up going to buy some hot food from the Terminal shops to kill my hunger. The snack option was a little more appetizing and there was a wide range of bread sticks, crisps and biscuits to nibble on.

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While the food offering wasn’t very impressive, the drinks on offer almost made up for it. There was a range of beer, self-service spirits, sparkling wines and champagne. The soft drinks included Coke, Perrier and all of the other fizzy drinks you’d expect to find. Alongside this was a coffee machine.

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The WiFi in the lounge was terrible. I could barely load an Instagram story and struggled ti do any work as most of my writing was web-based. This was a massive shame as you had to purchase the airport’s WiFi which seemed to work a lot faster.

The toilets were clean and smart but there were no showers available.


Overall, the Alitalia lounge at JFK’s Terminal One is nothing they should be proud of. With a very boring design and lack of food to keep the passengers full, Alitalia look to have fallen pray to paying for a contract lounge. This is very disappointing seeing as New York is probably one of Alitalia’s biggest business routes.