ANA Take Delivery of BEAUTIFUL New A380

Today, ANA Japan will take delivery of their first Airbus A380 from the Airbus delivery centre in Toulouse. 

ANA will be the final new operator of the jet so this event in Toulouse will be the last of its kind and a special moment for all involved. I arrived in Toulouse yesterday to cover the event and feel honoured to be witnessing this final moment for such an iconic jet.

ANA have opted to paint the three super-jumbos they will receive in special liveries called ‘flying Honu’. The first of the jets (being delivered today) is in a dark blue colour while the following two jets will be light blue and orange.

The A380 will be utilised on the Tokyo – Honolulu routing from May 24th three times weekly and July 1st daily in a 4 class configuration and it is evident that ANA have invested heavily in this new idea. A new lounge in Honolulu has been opened which will link premium customers straight to the upper deck of the aircraft and new collaborations with companies such as Bills and Globetrotter will ensure new meals and amenity kits are offered onboard.

So far, ANA have a 10% seat share on the Hawaii – Japan route. With the introduction of three A380s, they hope to increase this share to 25%.

Why Hawaii?

Hawaii is the largest resort holiday location for Japanese travelers and super popular for weddings and honeymoons. It is ANA’s hope that they can cater to this market of travelers and offer a more spacious and comfortable product on that route.

The Aircraft

The A380 is set up in a four class configuration over 580 seats.

First Class

First class has been introduced to this route for the first time ever and it set up in a spacious 1-2-1 configuration over 8 seats.

The seat looks very comfy but instantly I realised that the colours look slightly dull.  The seat features a 32″ screen and heaps of storage space.

Business Class

Business class is also set up in a 1-2-1 configuration. The cabin takes up the middle section of the upper deck and covers 56 seats.

The business class cabin looks lovely with each seat having direct aisle access and offers the opportunity for couples to sit together in the middle seats. Each seat is fitted with an 18″ screen and good privacy.

Premium Economy 

Premium Economy is set up in a 2-3-2 configuration over 73 seats and covers the rear of the upper deck.

ANA A380 Premium Economy

The seats have large tray tables which swivel 90 degrees to let passengers leave their seats while eating. Each seat has a 15.6″ touch screen and is fitted with a foot rest. One perk of premium economy is that business class alcohol is served.

Economy Class

Economy class covers the majority of the lower deck over 383 seats in a 3-4-3 configuration.

The slimline seats have adjustable headrests with 34″ of pitch.

ANA Couchii

In addition to the four classes, the aircraft also has a section of ANA Couchii. The area covers the final 7 rows of economy and have a legrest that comes up to form a bed.

The seats come with bedding for extra comfort and 32″ of pitch.

This delivery is a huge opportunity for ANA Japan to crack the Hawaii market for good and I can’t wait to see if they use it to make a success of their new purchases.

British Airways Launch GAME-CHANGING New Business Class

This morning, British Airways announced a new business class seat which will be fitted on their new Airbus A350-1000 aircraft due to be delivered in July this year.

The new seat is quite simply a game-changer. It includes a completely private suite similar to that of the Delta One Suite or the Qatar Airways Q-Suite.

The new business class seat will initially be rolled out on the all new Airbus A350-1000 aircraft where there will be no first class product. The ‘club suite’ cabin will have a total of 56 seats and feature WiFi.

BA have announced that they will operate the aircraft to Madrid in order for the crew to familiarize themselves with the product before it rolls out to Toronto on October 1st and Dubai on October 7th.

For too long, British Airways have been slated for their poor ‘club-world’ seat which received poor reviews from most. The cabin will be set up in a 1-2-1 configuration with every seat having direct aisle access. The seats have been designed by Collins Aerospace and it is their ‘Super Diamond bespoke seat’.

(Picture by Nick Morrish/British Airways)

BA have stated that the seat has 40% more storage space than the previous seat with three storage compartments below the arm, one of which opens into a mirror. The soft product such as bedding will still be from the White Company.

(Picture by Nick Morrish/British Airways)

The new seat will also feature gate-to-gate entertainment on a new 18.5 inch screen. One major complaint of the old seat is that passengers couldn’t use the IFE screens during takeoff and landing but with the new design, we will be able to finish our films during touch-screen!

The tray-table will be large enough for a laptop and enable passengers to leave their seat during meal service.

(Picture by Nick Morrish/British Airways)

In a lie-flat position, the seat will measure 6.5″ which means I will have no problem getting a good nights sleep in the new cabin!

(Picture by Nick Morrish/British Airways)

To conclude, British Airways have finally developed a product which compares to that of its competitors such as Qatar Airways. The new seat will be an absolute game-changer in business class travel and I can’t wait to fly on the aircraft soon.

What Does LondonSpotter Pack?

Packing for a flight can be a huge fuss for everyone involved. I remember when I was younger, we would start packing days before family holidays and still somebody would realise they had forgotten something on the way to the airport.

While I am definitely better trained now, I also have some core items that I always pack and a list on my phone which I can check off every time I pack for a flight. So without further ado, here are my essentials for flights.

1. A sturdy suitcase

Whatever people say, the suitcase is the most important item and you need to invest wisely. I have seen people clutching bad suitcases in their arms while boarding planes before and I am not jealous at all. Buying a bad suitcase is a recipe for a nightmare flight and that is why I use Samsonite bags. The exact case I used for carry-on luggage was the ‘S’ Cure Spinner 55′. I now use another Samsonite bag, however, which is the Samsonite Winfeild 2 case.

While the Samsonite suitcases are undoubtedly the best, I also own a cheaper option which, for the price, is excellent. The Aerolite SuperLeightweight ABS fits perfectly in the overhead storage and was sturdy enough to be taken around China and Vietnam all summer.

The final two suitcases I don’t own but have been recommended on the market so I thought I would add them in as well.

2. Headphones

As an avid music-listener (especially when flying), I always bring at least two sets of wireless headphones. I choose to go wireless for two reasons. The first reason is that I carry lots of wires and cables with me while travelling such as chargers and USB leads. By going wireless on the headphones, I avoid tangling my cables up while unpacking everything for security checks. The second reason is because I often use my phone to record sound footage for my vlogs and the microphone I use plugs into the headphone jack. It would be very annoying to keep unplugging my headphones to record every time. The headphones I use are by JBL and I love them. They’re sturdy and the bluetooth connectivity carries a long way so I would highly recommend them. The other four options are headphones I also own and would suggest.

3. Power Bank 

If you’re like me and live on your phone then you’ll know that flying can get very challenging very quickly if you’re phone dies. While many planes have USB ports built into the seats, many older aircraft and short-haul planes don’t. In fact, it is almost impossible to tell if your plane will or will not unless you know the exact aircraft you’re flying on. I carry three power banks with me so that my Gopro and two mobile phones remain fully charged throughout the flight. I have also purchased smaller chargin cables for more efficient charging and less chance of tangling. I highly recommend the Anker chargers and have always used them.

4. Filming and photography equipment 

While this one won’t be necessary for all of you, I often get asked what equipment I use to film my YouTube videos. Below you can see the GoPro cameras I use to film, the microphone I use for sound recording and the phone I use for photos and some video. I have also added Sony Vegas which is the software I use to edit my video.

5. Head pillows

Something that will apply to all of you who fly often is the head pillow. If you have an upcoming long-haul flight you need to add one of these to your basket as a head pillow is ESSENTIAL for long haul travel.

While most pillows are uncomfortable and don’t work too well, I have managed to try out many of the top products and trust me, they make a huge difference. My top pick is the ‘TRTL’ neck pillow which has a different design to the others but works wonders.

6.  All-in-one travel adapters 

If you travel frequently, you’ll know it can be a pain having 10 different types of adapters knocking around your cupboards. I tend to have a few ‘all-in-one’ adapters at home which I take away with me and stay in my suitcase. Most of these are the same but the ones below are some of my favourites.

7. Toiletries Bag

The final item on my list for making traveling easier and stress-free is having a nice toiletries bag. I have always used a personalised bag from the awesome company Airportag but the quality wasn’t great and I now use a nice Chase Sapphire Reserve bag which I couldn’t find online. My recommendations for a toiletries bag is that it should be either see-through and cheap or luxury and expensive. This all depends what you consider to be more important, speed or good looks. Below are a few of my top-picks from online.

So there are my favourite travel picks and what I make sure I pack in my bags when travelling. Have anything to add to this list? Drop me a message via the contact section on the website or

Valentine’s Heartbreak: Airbus Kill off A380

After entering service 12 years ago with Singapore Airlines, Airbus has announced that it will be ending production of the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380.

This wingview will become a thing of the past

The decision comes after Emirates announced that it was cutting its A380 fleet size from 160 to 123. This fleet size cut means that Emirates will only be receiving 14 more planes over the next two years.

Emirates are not the only airline to announce bad plans for the A380, however. It was reported yesterday by Aviation Analyst Alex Macheras that Qatar Airways will begin scrapping their A380s on their tenth anniversary (2024).

Qatar Airways will scrap their A380s beginning in 2024

In older news, Malaysian Airlines have also scrapped their super-jumbos and replaced their final A380 route to London Heathrow with the smaller and more efficient Airbus A350.

The future of the Airbus A380 has been in doubt since it became clear that airlines were less interested in using large aircraft fit for 450+ passengers. More modern aircraft such as the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 boast better fuel efficiency which saves airlines huge amounts of money on longer flights and while scrapping most planes allows airlines to make money in the second-hand market, there is virtually no demand for second hand A380s as has been shown by the ex-Singapore jets which are still yet to be bought.

Flying Vietnam Airlines A350 last summer

For me this news is sad, as a young child the A380 was always my favourite aircraft. My first flight on the A380 was in 2015 when I flew from London to Dubai with Emirates. Flying such a large aircraft was incredible and since then I have flown the beast a handful of times.

If you want to watch my A380 flight from hell with China Southern then see below!

My Favourite Free Credit Card Choices for 2019

Now that the new year has begun and our wallets are starting to recover from the onslaught of Christmas, I have decided to write an article about a question I get almost every day: Which free credit card is the best?

All paid with miles and points. How? Read on.

Now, obviously this question has a lot of answers and depends on your spending habits, airline choices and so on but in this article I will explore your options for credit cards in 2019.

What do I use?

Personally, I have used all of American Express’ airline credit/charge cards out there apart from the top-of-the-range platinum card. As a university student, my biggest spends go on accommodation payments for my student halls which can luckily be paid using American Express cards. This is perfect for me as I am able to sign up for credit cards based on the timings of these payments to ensure that I hit the sign up bonuses most semesters. In my first semester I used my favourite charge card going at the moment which is the AMEX Gold Card. The payment of £1,600 enabled me to be only £400 off the sign up bonus. After three weeks I hit this bonus and was rewarded with a total of 22,000 Membership Rewards points which I recently transferred into Avios (British Airways Miles).

For my second semester I will be using the British Airways Premium Plus credit card to pay my rent. This will leave me £1,400 off the sign up bonus but seeing as I recently spent £1,000 on British Airways (netting me 3x points) I am only £400 away from the sign up bonus where I will rack up 26,000 Avios points.

That’s enough of my story but hopefully it shows you how easy it is to acquire large amounts of frequent flyer miles in a short space of time.

My Picks for 2019:

The Freebies

Being British, a love a bargain but there is one thing we all love more than a bargain and that is a freebie. There are currently two cards on the market that cater to this market and those are as follows.

1.  The American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card

The number one selling point of this card is that it is free. Not only will it not hurt your bank account but as mentioned above it will net you a wonderful 21,000 point sign up bonus (22,000 if you use my special link). For the full review of this card including how it can get you lounge access, hotel upgrades and more click here.

Photo: AMEX

2. The British Airways American Express Credit Card

The lesser of the two is also the more simple. Netting you only 5,000 avios (6,000 through my special link) it has the perk of being free forever unlike the gold card which will charge you £140 every year after your first year. This card has the simplicity of transferring your points to British Airways at the end of every month and is definitely a good start up card. What you could do is have the two running side-by-side to net yourself a 28,000 sign up bonus.

3. British Airways American Express Premium Plus Credit Card

While I suggest those two cards if you want a free card, another recommendation of mine is the premium BA card. This card carries a charge of £190 a year but what people don’t realise is that if you cancel your card after receiving your sign-up bonus, money will be returned to you based on how long you had the card for. This card carries a lovely 25,000 (26,000 using my link) sign-up bonus which again is directly moved over to British Airways. For more details and how you can use this card to travel 2-4-1 on British Airways click here.

Final Thought

The choices may not be perfect but in the UK that is all we get. My top choice for anyone out there is the Gold Card. I think the perks of this card are fantastic and being free makes it even more appealing. Good luck with your miles and points in 2018.

TAP Portugal A330neo Full Cabin Tour

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to visit Toulouse, home of Airbus, where I visitied the TAP Portugal A330neo. The product onboard is fantastic and in this short post I will show you around the aircraft. Below you can watch my video tour of the aircraft.

Business Class

There is only one business class cabin onboard which is fitted in a 1-2-1 configuration.

The new business class cabin

The window seats have alternating setups with one closer to the window and one closer to the aisle.

The real ‘window’ seat
The ‘aisle’ window seat

If you enjoy looking out of the window I would always choose the seat closer to the window. The window seats are in the odd-numbered rows.

In the middle of the cabin the seats alternate between honeymoon seats which are close together and seats which are further apart and closer to the aisle.

Honeymoon seating
More private centre seating

Economy Class

The economy seats are configured in a 2-4-2 configuration.

The green economy cabin

I personally love 2-4-2 setups and these slimline Recaro seats made the aircraft look very spacious. In terms of comfort, I would always choose business class over this economy if I wanted a comfortable flight!

2-4-2 setup

The 2 seats by the window look like this.

Slimline seats

The four middle seats look like this.

Grey economy seating

Each seat is fitted with a personal IFE screen.

Personal monitors at each seat

Towards  the back of the aircraft, the setup becomes a 2-3-2 setup as the aircraft narrows.

This is only a brief tour of the aircraft and I hope to review it sometime in the future.

Visit the Famous German Christmas Markets for ONLY £10 Return

20.11.18 18:31: Update – Price for Bremen return updated to £10 return. This deal will expire at midnight tonight! Book Bremen here.

The shops have started selling advent calendars, the children are making Christmas present lists and the temperature has turned cold here in the UK. In the next few weeks I’ll be jetting off to a few countries and then settling down back home for a nice Christmas break.

Something I love to do at this time of year is visit the best Christmas markets in Europe in their birthplace – Germany. Whether its Berlin, Munich, Leipzig or Hannover, the German Christmas markets have something the English ones don’t have and can be a great place to shop around for presents or treat yourself to some delicious Thuringian Sausage.

Here at LondonSpotter, I have been looking out for the best deals to get to Germany and below you can see how you can visit the markets for as little as £10 RETURN.

Important – how to check price.

Now I highly doubt all of you will read this article as soon as it is published so it is important that you follow the below steps to check the price is still valid. You may even see a decrease in price from what I found.

Step 1: Click the link in the text for your preferred location.

Step 2:  Click through to the travel agent or airline.

Step 3: Book your flight as usual through the airline or travel agent.

Market #1: Bremen !!! SUPER CHEAP £10 RETURN DEAL !!!

The Bremen Christmas Markets sit on a World Heritage site next to the river which creates a perfect spot to sit and watch the lights reflect in the water. Make sure you visit the market square for the main buzz and stalls.


Market #2: Leipzig 

The Leipzig markets are one of the biggest in Germany with over 300 stands and the tradition dates back 1458. This market also has a hidden secret that not many people know about. The song silent night was first sung here by two brothers who tried to sell gloves at the local market. When the plan ended in financial disaster they began to sing the song which is now sung all around the world at Christmas.


Market #3: Berlin

The Berlin Christmas markets are a little bit more expensive than the others but are my personal favourite in Germany. I visited the markets last year and made a day trip out of it. Alongside the markets, be sure to visit the Berlin wall, Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building.


Market #4: Munich 

Munich is one of my favourite cities and Europe and while you’ll probably be drinking more Gluhwein than Beer on this visit, be sure to stop at the Biergartens for a crisp German brew.


Market #5: Innsbruck 

I’ve never visited Innsbruck but the scenery is simply fantastic. Be sure to eat Kiachln (piping hot doughnuts laced with Sauerkaut). The market is well known for its exquisite handicrafts and ornaments so if you visit Innsbruck, be sure to take some euros to fund the Christmas presents.


Those are my picks for the best Christmas market deals this December so be sure to check out those fares as they may be coming down as time moves on from the publishing of this post. If you click through to the airline or travel agent from SkyScanner and notice that the price has decreased then drop me an email and I will update the information in this post!

British Airways Concorde Room at LHR Review

The Concorde Room is notoriously hard to enter. Either rack up 5,000 tier points a year to receive a membership card to the room or spend £5,000 and fly first class out of London Heathrow and you will be able to enjoy the elite room of Terminal 5.

On a recent day-trip to Berlin, I was lucky enough to be accompanied by someone who had racked up enough tier points to have that card. Luckily for me, members can take in one guest with them so when Paul rocked up with me, not a single eyebrow was raised and we walked into T5 paradise. See my full video review below!

There is no other way to describe the CCR than luxurious. The moment you walk in, luggage is taken from you for storage, your coat is hung up and you are personally welcomed to your seat. Paul passes through the lounge so often that Mo (the lounge manager) knew him by name and had a lengthy chat with him as we walked to our seat.

Once seated, he brought us two glasses of cold Laurent Perrier Vintage champagne which retails at a whopping £110 a bottle. It was the perfect way to sit down at 8am.

The lounge isn’t huge by any stretch of the imagination but it also doesn’t need to be. There were probably 10 people inside when we got there but that number did increase over the three hours we were inside. Once you walk in past the storage area, there is a piano sitting there waiting to be played.

To the right of the piano is the large seating area which occupies most of the room. To one side of the seating area is the bar.

To the other side is the Concorde dining room.

The dining area has a handful of small booths where passengers can dine in ones or twos.

We opted to dine outside the dining area which the staff were completely ok about.

Outside the main room is the terrace. As Mo explained to me, the terrace is filled with ‘Moroccan style furniture’.

It was extremely colorful and the seats were as comfortable as inside.

Finally, in the corner of the lounge is a corridor which takes you to the cabanas and washrooms.

There are four cabanas. The cabanas are available for up to four hours and give passengers the opportunity to sit back and relax during their layover.

Each cabana is fit with a sofa/bed and TV

A table for eating on.

And a bathroom fit with a shower. There would be no need to leave the cabana as each one has a button for calling a member of staff.

In terms of food options, the meals are fantastic. Seeing as we were there so early, it was the breakfast menu we could use. You are given two breakfast menus, one for the lounge and one for the dining area.

The lounge menu included croissants, cereal and yogurts while the dining menu had hot food options such as a full English which I tried.

The English was good but wasn’t served with toast which I’m sure I could have requested. During breakfast, the staff made sure to keep refilling our glasses so that we never ran out.

After seeing me filming the menus, a member of staff asked if I would like to see the lunch menu too. When I agreed he came back with every single menu they had and talked us through each one. What it showed was that you’d struggle to go hungry in a lounge like this.

The Concorde staff were really what made the lounge stand out to me. They were welcoming and friendly throughout and knew the regulars by name. This really helped to show me how exclusive this lounge is. Once we had finished eating, snacks were brought to us which tasted fantastic. My personal favourite was the stuffed red peppers.

Once we were ready to leave, Paul asked the staff for two of his favourite drink. I had no idea what was coming but suddenly two Espresso Martini’s arrived and I was over the moon! The drink is amazingly presented and tasted just how it should.

After knocking back the Martini we were ready to go and left the lounge feeling slightly less sober than when we had entered it.


The Concorde room is exclusive and very hard to access. It is probably the most luxurious lounge I have ever been to even though the food and drink were no better than some business class lounges (ie: the Clubhouse). The staff were the best I have ever seen and I can’t wait to come back here in the future.

Virgin Atlantic’s Outdated A340-600 Review

After flying on Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Upper Class only five days earlier, I was very excited to fly home from New York on the Airbus A340 and see just how they compared. Alongside this written review, I also uploaded a video review to my YouTube which you can watch below this paragraph.

Booking This Flight

If you want to fly Virgin Atlantic Upper Class then what are your options? Revenue fares can be quite high, especially at peak times of the year, so I advise to use miles and points. If travelling at peak times, Virgin will charge you £371 and 57,500 miles to book this flight. At off peak times, you can get it for as low as 47,500 miles and £371. However, those fuel surcharges are still very high.

For a seat at peak times

The flight is also bookable through Delta SkyMiles who are an American Express partner with a 1:1 transfer ratio which can help to reduce the surcharge.


If you have read my previous reviews extensively, you’ll know that sleeping before morning flights has never suited me all that well. After returning from watching the New York Yankees at midnight, I wasn’t too keen on going to bed for a few short hours before making my way to JFK so instead, I packed, showered shaved and did some work and before I knew it, it was 3am and I decided to head to the airport to see what was going on at this ungodly hour.

I arrived at around 4am to find it dead. There were people already in the Virgin Atlantic queue who had been there all night having missed their flight the night before and I listened as they told me how cold the airport had been all night… I wasn’t jealous at all.

To my annoyance, I realised that check-in didn’t open until 5am so I found a coffee shop and joined the other half asleep passengers while sipping a terrible flat white.

At 5am, check-in opened and I made my way to the Upper Class line which was empty. I ventured through Fast Track security and by 5.10am I was in the quietest airport departures hall I have ever seen. There were barely any passengers around and those that were there looked half dead from lack of sleep.

The signposting at JFK’s terminal 4 was noticeably poor and after walking around the terminal for a good 10 minutes, I finally found the sign for airline lounges. The lounge at JFK is actually really nice and I arrived to find that I was the first customer of the day! You can read my review of the JFK clubhouse here.

See my full lounge review for more

With boarding already in full swing, I headed down to the gate which is around about a 10 minute walk from the lounge. The queue was very large which was surprising as the lounge had still been pretty full when I left it, this shows why Virgin use the A340 on this route which has two Upper Class (business class) cabins instead of just the one on the B787.

I was in the rear cabin. You can see the front cabin infront of the curtains

As I explained thoroughly in my 787 review, the seating configuration is very different from many of the newer business class products on the market today. The seats are set up in a 1-1-1 configuration with each of the seats facing inwards. I found the cabin nice but at times a little claustrophobic. For a more in-depth review of the cabin, see my 787 review.

What makes the A340 different from the 787 is that the cabin is noticeably outdated. While the seats could be said to be comfier, the technology is outdated to say the least. The screen is not touch-screen but controlled by an annoying, hard to use control that lives under the screen. This was a major downside and it became so fiddly and hard to use that I simply stuck the screen on map and left it for the whole flight.

The ancient control

Another annoyance is that the headphones are  double pinned. This means that you can’t use your own without an adapter. This isn’t too much of a problem as the headphones given are noise cancelling and work perfectly well.

Headphones were great but double pronged

The last thing that made this aircraft noticeably old was the lack of power ports. To charge your laptop, you had to ask the crew for an adaptor which went into a plug socket (not a normal plug) under the remote control. Unfortunately, this adaptor was only for a US plug. This meant I couldn’t charge any electronics on the flight.

As soon as I got to my seat I was offered a welcome drink. Breaking with tradition and because I was so tired, I went for an orange juice and a cup of tea and before I knew it I had fallen asleep to be woken by the crew for my first meal service.

Around an hour after takeoff, the crew brought round a bacon baguette and offer of a second drink. The baguette was nothing special but a nice breakfast dish for those who hadn’t visited the lounge beforehand for breakfast.

My breakfast baguette

After eating this, I got changed into my pyjamas and and fell back to sleep for another three hours before being woken again for my main meal service. Being woken up isn’t normally what happens on flights but seeing as I was reviewing this flight, I made sure the crew woke me up for every service.

The second meal service exceeded my expectations and started with a lovely salmon poke. To see the full review, see below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The dish was served with tortilla style crisps and avocado and was an excellent dish to start with. I somehow failed to take a picture of this dish so check the video out to see it.

For my main course i opted for the ‘charred steak’.  The dish was served with vegetables and was cooked very nicely.

My steak main course

I decided to skip dessert as I was ready to burst. To finish the meal I went for a cup of tea and headed back into the lie flat position for a couple of hours.

Upper Class passengers are given amenity kits by Herschel. Herschel are an awesome brand that Virgin have teamed up with and the amenity kits definitely didn’t disappoint. See the full contents below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We came into land on time and I changed out of my comfortable pyjamas just in time before the cabin was set up for landing.


Overall, I had a great flight with Virgin once again but couldn’t help feeling that the aircraft was highly outdated. The technology onboard is simply embarrassing compared to that on the B787 and the bar is nowhere near as nice. I love Virgin Atlantic but if you are trying to fly this product, avoid the Airbus A340-600.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at JFK Review

Virgin Atlantic is known for its super stylish lounge product at London Heathrow. I reviewed this lounge early last summer and found it simply amazing. You can read all about it here.

Having spent a week in New York, it was time to fly home and as an Upper Class passenger, I was allowed access to the clubhouse at New York JFK. I have made a video review of this lounge which you can see below.

I arrived at JFK bright and early with the hope of properly checking out the lounge before my flight to LHR but found that security didn’t open until 5am so had to kill around 30 minutes in the departures hall before heading through.

At 5am, I checked in my bag and headed through security before hunting for a sign for airline lounges. It wasn’t for 10 minutes that I found signs to the lounges and found that I had walked in the completely wrong direction.

I eventually made it to the lounge and was greeted by a very friendly woman on the door who apologised for the closure of the spa. She said that as this was the only morning flight out of JFK, the lounge was only running at half capacity and then would close again once we departed.

I entered the lounge to find that I was the first passenger inside which was an awesome feeling.

The lounge is set up in a really nice way. It has a central bar area which acts as a division between the restaurant/sit down area and the more social, relaxed area.

As soon as you walk in you can see the pool table that is also in the Virgin Atlantic lounge at LHR. I love a game of pool and thus far haven’t played with anyone inside a lounge so I look forward to ticking that off my list shortly!

The middle area is filled with comfy seating, each seat has a table with a menu on it. The menu being displayed was the breakfast menu which I sat down with to have a read.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I chose the eggs royale from the menu and as I was still the only person in the lounge, it came within minutes along with my orange juice and latte.

I re-positioned from the middle area to a more relaxed area in front of the window. From my position I could see the ATC tower, an El Al B747-400 and it allowed lots of natural light in.

Just around the corner from my new position was some more funky seating and two Apple computers for those who needed to work.

Toward the back of the lounge are the toilets and showers. The little bathrooms are fantastic if you want to shower and come equipped with all the amenities you would need. I didn’t shower this time around but I’m sure I will next time I visit.

The food and drink in the lounge were spectacular. My eggs royale was made to perfection as was my latte. Seeing as it was so early in the morning, I opted to stay away from the alcohol and instead buckled down to do some work on my laptop.

The staff came around to clear my plate and mug and often asked if I wanted refills of any drink or more food.


The lounge at JFK may not be quite as good as the one at LHR and I definitely didn’t visit when it was operating at full capacity but it has the same stylish vibe as the LHR clubhouse. The food and drink were excellent and the staff were polite and friendly.

I would love to see what the lounge is like in the evening and next time I fly Virgin Atlantic out of JFK, I will be sure to take the night flight to see just that.