British Airways to Implement Radical Cabin Crew Restructuring

In an email sent to British Airways cabin crew this morning, CEO Alex Cruz has announced that the airline will be implementing three radical measures to restructure cabin crew jobs.

Yesterday, it was announced that British Airways would be laying 12,000 jobs due to a reduction in business from the coronavirus pandemic. It’s parent company IAG stated that a “restructuring and redundancy programme” was needed in order to save the airline until travel returns to normal levels once again.

Until today, however, it wasn’t clear what these measures would entail. Now, it can be revealed what the changes will look like for British Airways cabin crew.

1.  The three fleets will be closed to create a single, London Heathrow based team. This means that cabin crew will no longer be placed in fleets such as mixed fleet or euro fleet but all be in one team together.

2. To increase ‘operational flexibility’ all crew will fly both short- and long-haul.

3. There will be a new ‘simplified onboard supervisory structure’

These changes, along with the news that British Airways are to lay off 12,000 staff, will be tough to hear for British Airways cabin crew but could be just the first in a long list of measures used to protect the airline.