How I Booked JFK-HKG in FIRST CLASS for $103

Flying First and Business Class is a treat. It’s more than that in fact, it’s incredible. For so many years i just thought that flying First and Business Class was how the rich and the mega-rich flew and dismissed it as ever being possible.

It is only recently that I have challenged this idea and begun to research how I, a 19 year old student, can afford such a novelty.

In this article I am going to take you through my mist recent redemption: Cathay Pacific First Class and show you how I was able to book it for the ridiculous price of £79 ($103)

Booking Cathay Pacific using money on this route will set you back approximately £20,000. Yes, WOW. I decided, after very careful consideration that this wasn’t worth it and decided to look at ways of booking this flight using miles and points.

By saying the words ‘using miles and points’ people instantly get scared away which I think is a real shame because it is so so easy to do and people get worried or think it is too much effort straight away.

Ways to book Cathay First Class

Using miles, Cathay Pacific First Class can be booked using many mileage programs such as American Airlines, British Airways and the best of them all: Alaska Airlines. 

Alaska Airlines are a small US domestic carrier based in Seattle who I have absolutely no ambition of flying anytime soon (sorry, Alaska). One thing Alaska does have which attracts me, however, is a superb mileage plan with some of the world’s best airlines as partners.

If you live in the USA, accruing Alaska miles shouldn’t be too hard. I’m no expert on US credit cards but I have seen sign-up bonuses of 100,000 points before!

To book this flight you will need 70,000 Alaska miles. These miles can very easily be accumulated by flying. Alaska is notorious for giving bonus miles if you choose them when adding your frequent flyer number to a booking. Examples of this include giving 500% on the miles flown in British Airways First Class!

If you have no way of accumulating Alaska miles, you can even purchase them for amazing rates. 70,000 miles will cost you $1,500 dollars at the moment so even if you have to do this you’re making a HUGE saving.

If you want to learn more on how to accumulate miles and points you can read my full guide here.

Booking This Flight

To find availability I  advise you to head to British Airways’ website and search for dates you want to fly. Lots of dates come up empty but if you are flexible, you should find a day that works for you. If you need help with that have a look at my guide to booking BA flights with miles.

Once I found my flight, I called up Alaska Airlines who asked me to verify who I was and then I told them the exact date and flight I wanted and the man on the phone said ‘that will be 70,000 miles and $103’ (A BARGAIN).

And just like that, my flights were booked and I was on my way to New York!