Curve Blue | Full Review

Curve are a relatively new face in the UK as far as I’m aware but I have started to see them being used quite a lot and so decided to check them out for myself. After looking into the cards they offer, I realised they had three cards I could order. I will be reviewing both the blue card which is free and the top-tier metal card which costs £150 per year.

Who are Curve?

Curve are different from all the other cards on the market such as Monzo, HSBC and even AMEX in that they know people don’t want to set up another bank account. With this in mind, they have created a card which links all of your cards together in one so that the only card you need to take out with you is your curve card. Curve have an amazing user-friendly app which allows you to manage your finances and sign up for a card and they have offered a FREE £5 just for signing up! All you need to do is download the app from the App Store or Google Play, choose which card you want (free, £9.99 per month or £14.99 per month) and remember to use the code LSPTR for a free beer, coffee or anything else on me!

Perks of the Blue Card:

1. Firstly, this card is excellent for use abroad. Most banks will charge you or withdrawing cash at a foreign ATM but by using the Curve Blue card, you can withdraw £200 completely FREE every month which I think is an awesome perk.

2. Secondly, you can use it to pay abroad for free and it will only charge your bank a transaction in pounds. Therefore, your bank won’t charge you either and finally, you can stop paying ludicrous foreign exchange fees!

3. If those two reasons didn’t sway you, Curve have an offer on which means that if you sign up using the code LSPTR you will automatically receive a FREE £5 to spend on whatever you want!

4. Finally, users of the Blue card will be able to select 3 retailers and every purchase at those shops will result in a 1% cashback!


While this card doesn’t offer the same sort of insurance or lounge access perks as the Metal card, it is also free so won’t break your bank to use. I personally think this card is A MUST if you’re going abroad due to the elimination of foreign transaction fees so be sure to download the app, choose which card you would like to sign up for and enter the code LSPTR for that free £5.