EasyJet’s New Cabin Review

My flight on G-EZXW was my first time onboard EasyJet’s new cabin. I have to say that I am impressed.
Easyjet’s new cabin holds 6 extra passengers and boasts LED lighting throughout the aircraft. The updated look really suits the aircraft and helps EasyJet look more professional. The cabin also has a new toilet at the rear, improved tray tables that can hold tablets and new carpets throughout the aircraft.
The issue with EasyJet, like many budget airlines, is that you have to pay for your food. With that aside, it is very expensive too… For a drink and snack you pay a minimum of £3.60 and for a main meal such as a wrap, baguette or toastie, a drink and a snack you pay £6.50.
Next time, I’ll be sure to pick something a bit cheaper up at the airport!
The crew members on the aircraft were, thankfully, a lot nicer than the airport staff in Lisbon who we had several problems with after being delayed. We were treated pretty poorly and herded like sheep. But for the cheap airfare, who is complaining? (Me a little) I had a nice time with a couple of the cabin crew in the rear galley who told me about all the new cabin features. Overall I’d rate them quite highly. Something important I learnt is that by flying EasyJet, it’s not necessarily your experience in the air that will be affected but your time getting onto and off the aircraft. The customer service EasyJet offer is really poor at the airport and for that reason, if you enjoy spending your time in lounges or being treated well while flying, I would avoid them. For the rare flyer, holiday maker and non avgeek, Easyjet have done it very well. By offering cheap airfares they stay competitive.

I salute Easyjet for mixing budget fairs with half decent service but for a traveller who loves a good airline experience, Easyjet offers nothing. Budget boredom.

Spot the difference with the two Easyjet cabins. Old vs New.