ANA Take Delivery of BEAUTIFUL New A380

Today, ANA Japan will take delivery of their first Airbus A380 from the Airbus delivery centre in Toulouse. 

ANA will be the final new operator of the jet so this event in Toulouse will be the last of its kind and a special moment for all involved. I arrived in Toulouse yesterday to cover the event and feel honoured to be witnessing this final moment for such an iconic jet.

ANA have opted to paint the three super-jumbos they will receive in special liveries called ‘flying Honu’. The first of the jets (being delivered today) is in a dark blue colour while the following two jets will be light blue and orange.

The A380 will be utilised on the Tokyo – Honolulu routing from May 24th three times weekly and July 1st daily in a 4 class configuration and it is evident that ANA have invested heavily in this new idea. A new lounge in Honolulu has been opened which will link premium customers straight to the upper deck of the aircraft and new collaborations with companies such as Bills and Globetrotter will ensure new meals and amenity kits are offered onboard.

So far, ANA have a 10% seat share on the Hawaii – Japan route. With the introduction of three A380s, they hope to increase this share to 25%.

Why Hawaii?

Hawaii is the largest resort holiday location for Japanese travelers and super popular for weddings and honeymoons. It is ANA’s hope that they can cater to this market of travelers and offer a more spacious and comfortable product on that route.

The Aircraft

The A380 is set up in a four class configuration over 580 seats.

First Class

First class has been introduced to this route for the first time ever and it set up in a spacious 1-2-1 configuration over 8 seats.

The seat looks very comfy but instantly I realised that the colours look slightly dull.  The seat features a 32″ screen and heaps of storage space.

Business Class

Business class is also set up in a 1-2-1 configuration. The cabin takes up the middle section of the upper deck and covers 56 seats.

The business class cabin looks lovely with each seat having direct aisle access and offers the opportunity for couples to sit together in the middle seats. Each seat is fitted with an 18″ screen and good privacy.

Premium Economy 

Premium Economy is set up in a 2-3-2 configuration over 73 seats and covers the rear of the upper deck.

ANA A380 Premium Economy

The seats have large tray tables which swivel 90 degrees to let passengers leave their seats while eating. Each seat has a 15.6″ touch screen and is fitted with a foot rest. One perk of premium economy is that business class alcohol is served.

Economy Class

Economy class covers the majority of the lower deck over 383 seats in a 3-4-3 configuration.

The slimline seats have adjustable headrests with 34″ of pitch.

ANA Couchii

In addition to the four classes, the aircraft also has a section of ANA Couchii. The area covers the final 7 rows of economy and have a legrest that comes up to form a bed.

The seats come with bedding for extra comfort and 32″ of pitch.

This delivery is a huge opportunity for ANA Japan to crack the Hawaii market for good and I can’t wait to see if they use it to make a success of their new purchases.