Joon: Air France’s Path to Success?

For a while, we’ve known about Joon – Air France’s future-proofing airline, allowing them to appeal to millennials and the leisure market. It’s basically IAG’s Level, or Lufthansa’s Eurowings. On 25th September, however, we learnt a lot more about the fledgling airline and how Air France plans to run it.

joon’s identity

Joon is aiming to attract ‘young, working clientele’. Air France also market it as a ‘lifestyle’ whereas in reality it’s just a low cost airline! However, the name ‘Joon’ does ooze modernity and is easily recognisable around the world. The electric blue is supposed to represent the dynamism of the airlines and the uniform ‘basic and chic’. Here’s a video showcasing the airline’s branding:

Take from that video what you will, but Joon certainly is an ‘out there’ brand.

what routes will joon offer?

Something I am impressed by is the routes Joon will be offering. Air France has quite a conservative route development strategy, however they’ve really excelled with Joon. Whilst their short-haul offering is predictable, the inaugural long-haul routes are exciting.

Short Haul (begins December 2017):

  • Paris Charles de Gaulle to Porto, Lisbon, Berlin & Barcelona, presumably with A320/A321 aircraft on a range of frequencies.

To me, it seems that Joon will be taking over all of AF’s flights on this route and I think that that’s a mistake. Markets such as Berlin and Barcelona are extremely important and ceding them to a ‘low cost’ alternative is counter productive in my opinion.

Long Haul (begins May 2018):

  • Paris Charles de Gaulle to Mahe, Seychelles (3 weekly, A340-300)
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle to Fortaleza, Brazil (2 weekly, A340-300)

The prices look good too (this fits in with Air France’s promise to appeal to working clientele). Fares to Fortaleza start at £219, for example.

Air France Joon introductory fares.
what aircraft will joon fly?

At its launch, Joon will have A320 and A321 aircraft for short haul operations and A340-300 aircraft for its long-haul services. By 2020 they hope to have 18 A320/A321 aircraft, and 10 long haul aircraft (including A350s) so Air France is certainly confident that Joon will succeed.

JOON’s Fleet. Photo from Air France.
onboard experience

Joon is offering the same cabin as Air France on short haul. The seating will be exactly the same, but with a blue headrest cover. It certainly reminds of me of the comedy Come Fly With Me. They will offer USB ports at every seat and reclinable comfort. In addition, Joon will offer complimentary beverages and a streaming service of entertainment on your own device.

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On their long-haul services, Joon will offer a refurbished A340-300 Air France cabin. There’s not much detail on that at present, however Joon say they are working on a meal menu for intercontinental services.

Here is a sneak peek of the Joon Business Class long-haul cabin, which looks like the current Air France A330/A340 seat, reupholstered:

Joon’s Long Haul Business Class offering.

Overall, Joon is an interesting concept. Although I find it slightly demeaning to millennials, I understand what Air France are trying to do here. I do think it could be carried out better though – for example I would operate Joon out of Orly, rather than Charles de Gaulle so it doesn’t interfere with Air France’s full service operations.

Good luck to Joon!