Porto Airport Lounge Review

There is only one lounge at Porto Airport. It is used by all airlines that offer lounge access as an option on their tickets.

I used the lounge on my trip home from Porto to London Gatwick with TAP Portugal. While the lounge may be small (like the airport) it is nicely laid out and cozy. There was no queue to check in so I came through in seconds.

As you enter the lounge you are met with a wide range of reading material to take in with you. Lots was in English which was nice to see.

The lounge is setup in two regions – an indoor and an outdoor. Don’t get too excited however, the outdoor region is only a balcony overlooking the airport terminal.

The outdoor area

As it was dinner time I jumped straight in and went to get something to eat. The selection was an impressive range of hot snacks, cold sandwiches, salads and nibbles such as peanuts and of course – the famous portugese custard tart!

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The drinks selection was also impressive. The drinks on offer included juices, soft drinks, beers, wine and spirits. There was also a coffee machine available to use.

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The lounge has a computer area with a few desktops, a printer and a phone charging area in the corner.

I sat in the outdoor region which had a nice comfy feel and allowed you to have a good view of the airport from where you were sat.

The inside area looks basic but has a nice feel and good comfort

A huge downside of this lounge is that there are no toilets… Yes, no toilets!! To use the loo you have to leave the lounge and use the ones on the opposite side of the corridor. I found that very strange. In all fairness, the toilets were only a minute or so walk but it seemed weird to leave the lounge then have to recheck your boarding pass to head back in.

Overall, Porto Airport’s only lounge is small and pretty quiet. The food and drink on offer are not disappointing and the comfort is good. I had a great experience in this lounge and would recommend it if you are flying TAP as it costs as little as £22.50 to add on!