Qantas A330-200 Business Class Review

Domestic business class isn’t usually anything to get excited about. In Europe, you get a blocked middle seat, one shoddy meal and free drinks during the flight. In Australia, however, the game is different. Welcome to my review of Qantas’ A330-200 business class product as i flew from Perth to Melbourne. To see the video review, just click below, sit back and enjoy!


Qantas charge a stupid amount of money for their domestic business class in my opinion. A one way flight on a random day in September pulled up a total cost of £879 – not worth it. I, on the other hand, paid for this flight using miles accrued on my American Express Gold Card which I transferred to British Airways to make the booking. If you want to read more on how to do this, click here.

The total cost of this ticket was £10.40 and 22,000 avios points.


Because i was transferring from another flight, I had to pick up my bags, clear immigration and take a ride on a 30 minute bus which looked and sounded like it was from the 1800s. It was such a strange experience coming off a first class flight, onto that bus and then straight into the Qantas terminal but that’s what travelling is all about, right?

Once i reached the Qantas terminal, I dropped my bag at one of the desks and headed through the deadest security line I have ever seen. It really surprised me just how dead the airport was. Once inside the terminal, I headed straight to the FANTASTIC Qantas business class lounge which I will be reviewing soon after this.


My flight was called and the lounge manager came over to tell me that my plane was ready for boarding. I packed up my belongings and feeling slightly tipsy from the 5 hours of lounge drinking on top of 13 hours of drinking on the flight from Doha, I headed to the gate to see an enormous queue. Only after investigating further did I actually realise that there was a business class line positioned to the right of this line which was totally empty! I walked straight through in seconds and before I knew it, I was onboard.

I was greeted in a strange way onboard. As always, I walked to the plane door with my gopro camera filming for me but as soon as i reached the aircraft door the cabin crew member covered up the camera and said I was not allowed to film him under any circumstances. I assumed this meant I couldn’t film at all but he quickly reassured me as long as he wasn’t in shot, I had the all clear. I guess some people really don’t like being on camera eh?

The Seat 

Qantas have set their A330s up in a 1-2-1 configuration covering two cabins. The front cabin has 22 seats while the rear cabin has a cozy 6 seats.

The seats alternate on the windows so if you want a ‘real’ window seat, select rows 2 and 4 ONLY. All of the other window seats are closer to the aisle, thus reducing privacy and placing you further from the window.

The seat was nice and comfortable with space to park your feet below.

A touchscreen with films, maps and all the rest…

…a table area to your side for storage and another storage area above the table…

…a USB and AC power port…

…a holder for reading material and safety card…

…a mirror…

…and a reading lamp.

Once getting onboard i noticed that a bottle of water had been placed in the storage compartment, a set of headphones was waiting along with sleeping materials like an eye mask and duvet.

The seat controls were very sophisticated and responsive and I found it cool how you could sit in a pre-set 3/4 position for takeoff which was much more comfortable.

The Flight

Once onboard and seated, I was offered a welcome drink which was a choice between water, champagne and guava juice (don’t worry I had never heard of it either). I chose the guava on the false premises that it was orange juice and was pleasantly surprised.

We pushed back on time and the crew came around to take our meal orders. I was told there wasn’t any choice as most of the passengers wanted to sleep on the flight but that I could have a drink and bowl of soup after takeoff. I said I wanted that and was told it would be delivered promptly after takeoff.

We took off on time out of Perth and within 10 minutes the food had arrived. I was really impressed with how efficiently the food arrived and it tasted fantastic. I actually ate this without thinking to snap a picture so be sure to check out the video to see how it looked.

Seeing as I had been up for the last two days with very little sleep and a lot of flying, I nodded after soon after this and woke up two hours later as we were approaching Melbourne. Straight away, a crew member asked if I would like anything to eat or drink and when he said he could bring me the light breakfast option, I opted for that!

The breakfast came in the form of two muffins, a bowl of fruit and yogurt, an ANZAC cookie, a cup of tea and a glass of orange juice. It was a refreshing start to the day but nothing to fill you up.

For the final two hours of the flight I sat comfortable watching ‘the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ on the IFE which finished just as we landed in Perth.


I had an amazing experience onboard Qantas’ A330 and was so impressed at the work they put in for this domestic flight. Both the hard and soft product were so impressive and I loved how the crew personalized their service based on what each passenger wanted. Because I didn’t want to sleep all the way, the crew were engaging and talkative but to others who it was obvious only wanted to sleep, they left them all alone.

This cabin is a super comfortable way of crossing Australia and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!