Miles and Points Lesson Two: Spending

This blog is part of my miles and points series where I will be teaching you how to generate miles, use miles and ultimately travel for free around the world sitting in the world’s best business class cabins.

Lesson Two: Spending Miles and Points

Welcome to lesson two of this series. In my first lesson, I wrote about the two main ways in which you can generate miles and points- flying and credit carding. Today, I’m going to talk about what you can do once you have those points in your account.

Spending Miles: Method #1 – Award Tickets

Award seats are the cheap way to fly. Effectively, you pay for the flight with miles + taxes and fuel surcharges laid on by the airline and government of that country. Award seats are easy to find on many websites but on most, you will need to be a member of their frequent flyer programme. All of these are free to sign up to and are a great way of starting your miles journey. I remember signing up to about 25 different airline sites on the day I turned 18, it was awesome!

If you read my first lesson on miles then you will remember that if you fly with one airline you can credit the miles you earn on that flight to a partner airline. The example I used was flying British Airways and crediting to Alaska Airlines. It is a great way of increasing the number of miles you earn. Anyway, it is a similar story with spending miles. You can generally book flights on one airline through many other airlines so for instance you can book award flights on Cathay Pacific on British Airways but also on Alaska Airlines (for incredible rates but that is a story for another time).

The booking of award seats is an incredible way of flying business class or first class for next to nothing and there are some incredible ways of doing it through different airlines which I will be exploring in the future.

Spending Miles: Method #2 – Upgrades

Spending your miles on an upgrade is a great way of flying in business class for cheap but also earn the airmiles for the cabin you have upgraded from. For example, if I were to book a flight on British Airways in Premium Economy and then upgrade to business class with airmiles, I would still receive the airmiles for flying premium economy with the added comfort of actually flying in business class!

Spending Miles: Method #3 – Hotels

If you have generated your points with American Express then you can also transfer your stash to hotel partners such as Hilton and redeem them for free nights. As this series is mainly about airlines, however, I won’t go into too much detail on this.

Spending Miles: Method #4 – Products

Again, on American Express you can redeem your points for any product in their catalog such as gadgets.

At the end of this post, you should know about the ways in which you can use your miles and points – award seats, upgrades, hotels and products. You can return to our miles and points page here to keep reading blogs.

If you’re looking for more specific help on an upcoming trip, best cards or airlines for a certain scenario or anything else that I haven’t mentioned then drop me a message in the contact box. I’ll be happy to help.