SWISS A220-100 Flight Review

SWISS’ brand new C-Series aircraft have nearly replaced the ageing Avros. SWISS ordered a total of 30 C series aircraft in the 100 and 300 variant. The C series was chosen as SWISS’ new short haul aircraft as thanks to its latest technologies it is considered the most innovative aeroplane currently flying. They are currently deployed on European routes replacing the Avros.  They set new standards of comfort, sustainability, efficiency and comfort. I set out of a trip to Geneva to see what all the fuss was about.

I booked LHR (London Heathrow T2) to Geneva Aeroport. Both legs on the brand new C-Series aircraft. I had flown with SWISS back in January and had an enjoyable time flying with them, so I hoped this trip would be just as successful.

Upon boarding the C-Series the first thing I noticed was how bright and fresh the cabin felt, with larger windows more light entered the cabin than conventional short haul aircraft like the A320 and the air conditioning system was far superior to any other aircraft.  It provided a new sense of space which I have never felt on any other aircraft, similar to the Boeing 787.  The redesigned overhead compartments were much larger than I expected for a plane of this size and it increased the feeling of spaciousness inside the cabin. One new innovations were small TV like screens above every row that display flight information and the seatbelt sign indicator, however I preferred the conventional large screens every few rows as the screens were hard to make out and were just a bit too small and awkward. The aircraft was in a 2-3 configuration making it perfect for couples as there was no third seat on the left hand side.

We pushed back on time and before I knew it we were taxing for take-off, didn’t even hear the engines they were so quiet, the PW1500G will eventually allow Swiss to fly into Airports where noise restrictions are in place, such as London City Airport.

During the flight I was very relaxed, this was due to the large amount of natural light thanks to the larger windows and the new AC system. The legroom allowed me to stretch out and enjoy the short hop, compared to SWISS short haul configured A320s the legroom was incredible as SWISS has come under scrutiny because of the pitch on their other aircraft.

The toilet on-board was also the best I had been in for a narrow body aircraft, very spacious. I was also offered a complimentary drink and sandwich which was a pleasant surprise.

Towards the end of the flight everyone was offered the classic SWISS chocolate.

The landing was soft as ever and the rollout was extremely smooth thanks to the new electronic braking system that the C-Series offers. Overall it had been a very pleasant flight and the Bombardier C-Series aircraft had been a dream to fly on, the crew were friendly yet professional and they even offered me a few extra safety cards. Lucky me!