The Pier First Class Lounge | Hong Kong

Flying Cathay Pacific First Class is well known among frequent travellers to be an experience of a lifetime. In fact, when I tried it, I fell in love. More of that love story here.

Part of the experience that makes flying Cathay First so incredible, however, is the ground experience in their base Hong Kong. Because I was flying out of New York on my first class trip, I obviously didn’t have access to these facilities but the next day, I departed Hong Kong with Qatar Airways in their fabulous QSuite cabin.

Because I had landed on a first class ticket, I was granted access to both First Class lounges by simply showing them my boarding pass from the day before. I had been told by lots of people that I had to land on the same day to gain access but trying my luck paid off and I was allowed into both the Wing and Pier First Class lounges. I have reviewed them in one video below but one article has been written for each lounge so be sure to check them both out.

The Pier First Class Lounge Review

With about an hour until my Qatar Airways flight and having just had the bath of all baths in the bang average Wing First lounge, I headed to gate 62 on the underground train and into the Pier lounge. On arrival, two women greeted me and instead of scanning my boarding pass, I flashed them my one from the day before and was granted entry.

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The moment you walk into the Pier you know it is going to be a more luxurious experience than the bland Wing lounge. The entrance takes you into a well carpeted corridor fit with oak tables in the middle and plants standing on them. The walls are decorated with lamps and artwork making passengers feel really at home.

As you walk down the corridor, exits to the right and left lead you to different areas of the lounge.

At the start of the corridor is an exit on your left taking you through the ‘library’ into the main seating and bar area. The bar is well stocked and placed nicely in the middle of the room.

The seats all look lavish and comfortable and some are set up around tables.

The next exit to your right takes you into the ‘bureau’ which has 6 small office type rooms equipped with Mac books.

The next area along the corridor takes you into the ‘retreat’ area. Here, passengers can book day rooms, foot massages and showers. Seeing as my time was extremely limited in here, I opted for a day room which didn’t disappoint.

The rooms have excellent privacy, are extremely comfortable and most importantly have fantastic views of the airport.

As I was seated, an Emirates A380 pulled up right infront of my window!

Passengers passing through here are entitled to a free 15 minute massage in ‘The Retreat’. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to visit so stayed in the day room.

Finally, at the end of the corridor is the real gem! The restaurant area is amazingly lit unlike the its counterpart in the Wing and the menu looked extensive for both food and drink. I didn’t stop here as I only had a small amount of time.


The views from the restaurant are lovely and it makes the lounge well lit by natural lighting.

Final Thought

The Pier lounge oozes with comfort. Whether it’s walking through the quiet, carpeted and well decorated corridor, sitting in the well-lit and well-stocked restaurant or watching an Emirates A380 pull in from your private day room, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your stay in the Pier.

The only thing stopping you from visiting the Pier is the bath option in the Wing lounge. My advice would be exactly what I did. Allow yourself 3 or so hours to visit both lounges.

Start by visiting the Wing, have a bite to eat but don’t fill up then head to a cabana for your amazing bath and shower and once you’re feeling refreshed, head to the Pier for a proper meal service and relax with a foot massage and a visit to the day rooms!