What Does LondonSpotter Pack?

Packing for a flight can be a huge fuss for everyone involved. I remember when I was younger, we would start packing days before family holidays and still somebody would realise they had forgotten something on the way to the airport.

While I am definitely better trained now, I also have some core items that I always pack and a list on my phone which I can check off every time I pack for a flight. So without further ado, here are my essentials for flights.

1. A sturdy suitcase

Whatever people say, the suitcase is the most important item and you need to invest wisely. I have seen people clutching bad suitcases in their arms while boarding planes before and I am not jealous at all. Buying a bad suitcase is a recipe for a nightmare flight and that is why I use Samsonite bags. The exact case I used for carry-on luggage was the ‘S’ Cure Spinner 55′. I now use another Samsonite bag, however, which is the Samsonite Winfeild 2 case.

While the Samsonite suitcases are undoubtedly the best, I also own a cheaper option which, for the price, is excellent. The Aerolite SuperLeightweight ABS fits perfectly in the overhead storage and was sturdy enough to be taken around China and Vietnam all summer.

The final two suitcases I don’t own but have been recommended on the market so I thought I would add them in as well.

2. Headphones

As an avid music-listener (especially when flying), I always bring at least two sets of wireless headphones. I choose to go wireless for two reasons. The first reason is that I carry lots of wires and cables with me while travelling such as chargers and USB leads. By going wireless on the headphones, I avoid tangling my cables up while unpacking everything for security checks. The second reason is because I often use my phone to record sound footage for my vlogs and the microphone I use plugs into the headphone jack. It would be very annoying to keep unplugging my headphones to record every time. The headphones I use are by JBL and I love them. They’re sturdy and the bluetooth connectivity carries a long way so I would highly recommend them. The other four options are headphones I also own and would suggest.

3. Power Bank 

If you’re like me and live on your phone then you’ll know that flying can get very challenging very quickly if you’re phone dies. While many planes have USB ports built into the seats, many older aircraft and short-haul planes don’t. In fact, it is almost impossible to tell if your plane will or will not unless you know the exact aircraft you’re flying on. I carry three power banks with me so that my Gopro and two mobile phones remain fully charged throughout the flight. I have also purchased smaller chargin cables for more efficient charging and less chance of tangling. I highly recommend the Anker chargers and have always used them.

4. Filming and photography equipment 

While this one won’t be necessary for all of you, I often get asked what equipment I use to film my YouTube videos. Below you can see the GoPro cameras I use to film, the microphone I use for sound recording and the phone I use for photos and some video. I have also added Sony Vegas which is the software I use to edit my video.

5. Head pillows

Something that will apply to all of you who fly often is the head pillow. If you have an upcoming long-haul flight you need to add one of these to your basket as a head pillow is ESSENTIAL for long haul travel.

While most pillows are uncomfortable and don’t work too well, I have managed to try out many of the top products and trust me, they make a huge difference. My top pick is the ‘TRTL’ neck pillow which has a different design to the others but works wonders.

6.  All-in-one travel adapters 

If you travel frequently, you’ll know it can be a pain having 10 different types of adapters knocking around your cupboards. I tend to have a few ‘all-in-one’ adapters at home which I take away with me and stay in my suitcase. Most of these are the same but the ones below are some of my favourites.

7. Toiletries Bag

The final item on my list for making traveling easier and stress-free is having a nice toiletries bag. I have always used a personalised bag from the awesome company Airportag but the quality wasn’t great and I now use a nice Chase Sapphire Reserve bag which I couldn’t find online. My recommendations for a toiletries bag is that it should be either see-through and cheap or luxury and expensive. This all depends what you consider to be more important, speed or good looks. Below are a few of my top-picks from online.

So there are my favourite travel picks and what I make sure I pack in my bags when travelling. Have anything to add to this list? Drop me a message via the contact section on the website or