How I Fly Wide-Body Aircraft on Short-Haul

Flying short-haul on the usual A320 and B737 family aircraft can easily become both boring and uncomfortable, even in business class. A question I receive almost every day from my followers is the following:

“How can I fly a wide-body plane with international business class on a short-haul route and where is the best place to book it?”

Where to book:

Whenever I book flights purely for the aircraft, I use Kayak. The benefit of using Kayak is that whatever flight you search for, it will show you which aircraft is operating that flight. Lets say we wanted to fly a wide-body between London and Edinburgh we would do the normal search but then check the aircraft like this:

Here you can see it states the aircraft and also if it is a wide-body jet or not. Give it a go!

However, when booking a business class fare, I often book through Momondo. Momondo tends to have the best business class fares around which is really worth doing if you want the full experience of these wide-body jets.

SkyScanner is another useful website to check and since its recent update it has a very user-friendly interface.



This flight is operated by the extra wide-body Airbus A350-900 aircraft with Singapore Airlines. The cheapest tickets I found were on the DME-ARN route and were under £200 in economy and just under £600 in business class. Before booking I would double check both the aircraft type and the ticket here.


Now if you want to fly a wide-body in Europe then this is 100% your route to look at. At different times of day, British Airways send a B767, B777 and B787-900! Iberia on the other hand send an even bigger wide-body – the A340-600!  Note that these reviews were among the first I ever did so don’t rate them for quality!

Prices on this route can be really really cheap if booked in advance and you can usually kill two birds in one stone for a day trip. If you have never booked with Iberia before then I would advise in doing that as Avios can only be moved to an Iberia Plus account when 1 Avios point has been earned on your Iberia account. If you have booked with Iberia before then head straight over to Momondo and Kayak to check out the business class fares. They tend to be the cheapest for me.

Prices in economy start at around £80 return which is incredible and business class fares can be found for £325 which is also pretty damn good for those aircraft.

Its not everyday you see that on a 2.5 hour flight right?


This route is a very cheap way to fly a B787 in business class. LATAM fly once a day between the two European city on a fifth freedom flight. You can, of course, redeem Avios on this route but it seems pointless when the flights are so cheap anyway.

Be sure that you are booking the correct flight by using Kayak to search for the flights and check the aircraft then book!

Business class fares come in at £150 on the MAD-FRA leg and a little more on the FRA-MAD sector. Economy class fares are ludicrously low at £32 on the MAD-FRA leg and £54 on the FRA-MAD leg. Booking through the airline is a little more expensive in both cabins so I would advise using any of the comparison sites mentioned in this article to book.


Finnair operate their state of the art A350-900 aircraft between Helsinki and London on the morning flight.

Fares for this flight can be very high if bought directly through Finnair. So I would advise redeeming Avios or booking through travel agencies. As there are many flights between the two cities every day, be sure to check Kayak to see if the A350 is operating on that flight/day.

Prices in economy can be found at around £100 return and in business at around £400.

British Airways B767

Although technically a wide-body aircraft, the B767s from BA have been refitted and no longer hold the long-haul interiors they once did. Even so, the joy of flying a 767 is still there. You can read my experience here or try it for yourself on any of these routes: Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Stockholm, Zurich, Edinburgh, Nice, Rome, Larnaca and Athens.

It isn’t clear how often they operate to all of these routes so you MUST check Kayak for the dates you wish to travel and book the ones that say B767 on them.

While it isn’t a long haul business class it is still a novelty flying the wide-body.


Emirates operate a B777-300ER on this route. Business class prices start at around £500. The best prices are available here. 


This route is operated on selected days by an Air China A330.


Again, on selected days of the week, Swiss Airlines operate this route on a B777-300ER aircraft. Remember to check Kayak to which days and which flights are operated by it.


If you fancy trying out Ethiopian’s B787-9 product then prices for this leg start at only £57 in economy! For a business class ticket, you’re looking at the £390 mark. Bookings can be made here. This leg is also operated by a B77L on occasions. Be sure to check Kayak before you book.


Domestic flights in Spain operated by Air Europa between Barcelona and Madrid are often operated by an A330 or B787.

Not a bad seat for a short hop. BA 787-9 business class.

Of course there are more of these routes around Europe but I wanted to bring you the ones that are most popular and feature the best aircraft. If there are any others that I have missed out then please get in touch using the contact form or message me on Instagram and I will happily add it to the list.

I understand that this is only useful for my European followers and I will be sure to do another one for my Asian and American followers soon!

I hope this article was useful for all of you who ask me this question. If you happen to book any of these flights then let me know! It is always nice to hear that I am helping people.

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