The Wing First Class Lounge | Hong Kong

Flying Cathay Pacific First Class is well known among frequent travellers to be an experience of a lifetime. In fact, when I tried it, I fell in love. More of that love story here.

Part of the experience that makes flying Cathay First so incredible, however, is the ground experience in their base Hong Kong. Because I was flying out of New York on my first class trip, I obviously didn’t have access to these facilities but the next day, I departed Hong Kong with Qatar Airways in their fabulous QSuite cabin.

Because I had landed on a first class ticket, I was granted access to both First Class lounges by simply showing them my boarding pass from the day before. I had been told by lots of people that I had to land on the same day to gain access but trying my luck paid off and I was allowed into both the Wing and Pier First Class lounges. I have reviewed them in one video below but one article has been written for each lounge so be sure to check them both out.

The Wing First Class Lounge

The first of the two lounges I visited was ‘The Wing’. This lounge is both a business and first class lounge with the partition at the top of the stairs. I approached the desk, showed the staff my first class boarding pass and was told to make my way upstairs and turn left instead of right.

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Once I got to the top, there was no boarding pass check and in complete honesty, anybody could have wondered in. It would have been nice to see better enforcement.

Once you enter the lounge there is a buffet of rather unappetising food to your right and seating areas overlooking the airport to your left. I assume this buffet isn’t used much seeing as there is a restaurant area to your left after the buffet.

I entered the restaurant area and was seated in the uncomfortably dark room.

I was given a menu which had certain lunch options including lots of different types of noodles. I opted for the Shanghai noodles and a glass of champagne which both arrived promptly. The noodles were OK but I didn’t finish them and left the restaurant slightly unsatisfied.

As you exit this room there are three more seating areas to your right stretching out to the end of the lounge.

The seating areas are rather bland and unappealing and even the self-service champagne bar didn’t scream first class.

There is also a bar with more seating areas overlooking the airport.

My final stop on this review was to the private cabanas. Because I knew what to expect from other reviews I expected the WOW moment not to hit me but as soon as I walked in, I was amazed!

I was very lucky in that there was no waiting list for the cabanas as I am told there often is so book one before you eat if you’re visiting this lounge.

The private cabanas are the most extravagant I have seen in an airport lounge featuring a bathroom, sink area, large sofa, enormous open shower and finally the crown jewel: a bath tub!

The amenities don’t fall short either. Each cabana is equipped with shaving kits, dental kits, creams, slippers, a bath robe and more.

Both the bath and the shower have shampoo, body wash and a stupid amount of towels.

Finally, to your left is an oversized cupboard where you can hang your whole wardrobe and a desk with charging ports and a large wall mirror.

The bath is nice and big and for picture purposes I filled in with shower gel to create some privacy bubbles! Honestly, it was the perfect way to relax before a long flight and I loved it.

After I had taken a bath, I tried out the shower which has three nozzles. I decided to turn them all on at once and got blasted with cold water from every angle!

Once I was definitely clean I lounged around in my bathrobe on the comfortable sofa before leaving the lounge and heading to the Pier.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Wing First Class lounge isn’t the most impressive. The seating areas are unappealing and the restaurant areas dark. The buffet selection didn’t look the best and most of all I did feel comfortable in the lounge which can definitely be said for its sister lounge the Pier.

The cabanas are, however, an absolute game changer. They are the coolest rooms I have seen in an airport and the bath is novelty like no other.

If I were visiting again on a short stopover I have to say I don’t think I’d visit the Wing but skip straight off to the Pier.