Visit the Famous German Christmas Markets for ONLY £10 Return

20.11.18 18:31: Update – Price for Bremen return updated to £10 return. This deal will expire at midnight tonight! Book Bremen here.

The shops have started selling advent calendars, the children are making Christmas present lists and the temperature has turned cold here in the UK. In the next few weeks I’ll be jetting off to a few countries and then settling down back home for a nice Christmas break.

Something I love to do at this time of year is visit the best Christmas markets in Europe in their birthplace – Germany. Whether its Berlin, Munich, Leipzig or Hannover, the German Christmas markets have something the English ones don’t have and can be a great place to shop around for presents or treat yourself to some delicious Thuringian Sausage.

Here at LondonSpotter, I have been looking out for the best deals to get to Germany and below you can see how you can visit the markets for as little as £10 RETURN.

Important – how to check price.

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Market #1: Bremen !!! SUPER CHEAP £10 RETURN DEAL !!!

The Bremen Christmas Markets sit on a World Heritage site next to the river which creates a perfect spot to sit and watch the lights reflect in the water. Make sure you visit the market square for the main buzz and stalls.


Market #2: Leipzig 

The Leipzig markets are one of the biggest in Germany with over 300 stands and the tradition dates back 1458. This market also has a hidden secret that not many people know about. The song silent night was first sung here by two brothers who tried to sell gloves at the local market. When the plan ended in financial disaster they began to sing the song which is now sung all around the world at Christmas.


Market #3: Berlin

The Berlin Christmas markets are a little bit more expensive than the others but are my personal favourite in Germany. I visited the markets last year and made a day trip out of it. Alongside the markets, be sure to visit the Berlin wall, Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building.


Market #4: Munich 

Munich is one of my favourite cities and Europe and while you’ll probably be drinking more Gluhwein than Beer on this visit, be sure to stop at the Biergartens for a crisp German brew.


Market #5: Innsbruck 

I’ve never visited Innsbruck but the scenery is simply fantastic. Be sure to eat Kiachln (piping hot doughnuts laced with Sauerkaut). The market is well known for its exquisite handicrafts and ornaments so if you visit Innsbruck, be sure to take some euros to fund the Christmas presents.


Those are my picks for the best Christmas market deals this December so be sure to check out those fares as they may be coming down as time moves on from the publishing of this post. If you click through to the airline or travel agent from SkyScanner and notice that the price has decreased then drop me an email and I will update the information in this post!